Monday, November 23, 2015

New Personal Project...

Concept Idea

Starting a New Personal Project and will be updating my progress here.

First Week:

So far I have only done base mesh modelling for the character. Going to start story boarding and outlining my story. But first....

The idea behind this project is simple. Build a small -simple- story, take it through all stages of 3D production. Then hopefully end up with a 15 to 45 second short.
This will be a long ongoing project for fun and learning purposes... and because everybody is always telling me about their awesome personal projects and then asking me about mine. To which I reply with a blank expression.

Second Week:

Base Idea/Blurp.

A young sorceress learns to control the ocean.


Discovery and wonder.

Look Development.

Telling a visual story with a static subject.

Story Outline.

Beginning: Show young girl face frozen in wonder. Spark the question: Whats she seeing/doing?
Middle: Discovery begins. Who is she? Where is she?
End: Reveal what she is doing on a grand scale. Answer to question she is controlling the ocean.

Story Boarding.

Reference for story boarding:

Started with my first rough story board last night.

....very rough. Trying different poses/cameras at the same time. Not going to show all my ideas here.(nobody wants to see that)

3D Tools 

How I hope this will go down in 3D:

* XSI - Modelling / Previz / Fx
*ZBrush - Detail modelling / Texturing
* Maya - Rigging / Animation / Fx
*Marvelous Designer - Cloth
* Houdini - Hair / Shading / Rendering
* Nuke - Comp


So next step is setting up 3D cameras, "mock up" sets and character. I believe here is where I'll start slowing down a bit. Might do previz in XSI then move everything over to Maya when I start with the final cameras.

Reference from Madagascar 3:

So previz is a weird stage. Everything in your scene looks ugly and you shouldn't fix any of it.
Only things you need to think about is: does this camera work, am I getting the story across. How should I frame this and where should everything be?

Color keys and Previz Lighting

Reference for color and lighting:

So obviously my sorceress wont be standing in the ocean but I like the colors and feel of this image from Fathom(my sorceress will also have more clothing on).

Character/ Clothing/ Hair/ Props

Reference for clothing, hair and jewelry props:

Environment/ Props

Reference for Environment:

All just ideas for me too look at. O___O Pretty

Magic/ Ocean/ Fx
Reference for Fx:

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