Monday, January 22, 2018

Revolting Rhymes - Trailer

Hey all, 

One of the projects I worked on recently has released an awesome trailer.
I was Lead of Rigging, Fur/Hair and VFX on this one. Was a crazy fun, extreme time.


Sunday, January 8, 2017

Make group with custom name, Using Python

Alo all,

Today I will share with you another simple python code.

What does it do:
Creates an empty group in Autodesk Maya, then prompts you for a name for that group.

Here is what that code looks like:

group in maya with prompt
*Click to make bigger*

Here is what the prompt looks like in Autodesk Maya:

*Click to make bigger*

Place name in the prompt the press ok. And presto, a group with your chosen name appears.

*Click to make bigger*

Here is that script for downloading:

End :D/

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Copy override color script.

A little script for coping .override color RGB values from one object to another.

override RGB Script
 *Click to see full size*

What it looks like in your Maya scene.

Notes: New version here's what it looks like now:

Improvements: Can take any RGB color now.
Assigns right color to right copy object all the time :D/

things that need to still be done : Clean up, and error msg.

Here's a link to download if you like:


Revolting Rhymes

Here a sneak peak at what I've been up to this year :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Stick Man Teaser is out :D/

Here's the short I've been working on this year....


Ta daaaaa

Made in SoftImage 2011 O____O Yes you hear me right... 2011.


Friday, December 4, 2015



.....after a six year sabbatical into Softimage.

So I'm crossing over to the dark side(Autodesk Maya) for my new project here at work. To be honest it hasn't been as hard as I imagined it would be... O_____O for now.

Just a screen grab of work in progress.


Also applying my limited Python knowledge now. He he he 

Code things

I have found that Maya seems improved since I last used it(version 8.5 or some thing) but it still feels less "visually friendly" then Softimage.

Maybe its just cos I'm still sad about Soft going the way of the Dodo.


Monday, November 23, 2015

New Personal Project...

Concept Idea

Starting a New Personal Project and will be updating my progress here.

First Week:

So far I have only done base mesh modelling for the character. Going to start story boarding and outlining my story. But first....

The idea behind this project is simple. Build a small -simple- story, take it through all stages of 3D production. Then hopefully end up with a 15 to 45 second short.
This will be a long ongoing project for fun and learning purposes... and because everybody is always telling me about their awesome personal projects and then asking me about mine. To which I reply with a blank expression.

Second Week:

Base Idea/Blurp.

A young sorceress learns to control the ocean.


Discovery and wonder.

Look Development.

Telling a visual story with a static subject.

Story Outline.

Beginning: Show young girl face frozen in wonder. Spark the question: Whats she seeing/doing?
Middle: Discovery begins. Who is she? Where is she?
End: Reveal what she is doing on a grand scale. Answer to question she is controlling the ocean.

Story Boarding.

Reference for story boarding:

Started with my first rough story board last night.

....very rough. Trying different poses/cameras at the same time. Not going to show all my ideas here.(nobody wants to see that)

3D Tools 

How I hope this will go down in 3D:

* XSI - Modelling / Previz / Fx
*ZBrush - Detail modelling / Texturing
* Maya - Rigging / Animation / Fx
*Marvelous Designer - Cloth
* Houdini - Hair / Shading / Rendering
* Nuke - Comp


So next step is setting up 3D cameras, "mock up" sets and character. I believe here is where I'll start slowing down a bit. Might do previz in XSI then move everything over to Maya when I start with the final cameras.

Reference from Madagascar 3:

So previz is a weird stage. Everything in your scene looks ugly and you shouldn't fix any of it.
Only things you need to think about is: does this camera work, am I getting the story across. How should I frame this and where should everything be?

Color keys and Previz Lighting

Reference for color and lighting:

So obviously my sorceress wont be standing in the ocean but I like the colors and feel of this image from Fathom(my sorceress will also have more clothing on).

Character/ Clothing/ Hair/ Props

Reference for clothing, hair and jewelry props:

Environment/ Props

Reference for Environment:

All just ideas for me too look at. O___O Pretty

Magic/ Ocean/ Fx
Reference for Fx: