Sunday, September 1, 2013

Marvelous Designer 3

Started learning Marvelous Designer 3 for an upcoming job..... AND MUCH FUN WAS HAD THAT DAY! \:D/

Love the pattern making and the easy to use interface. Here is what my first skirt and bodice looks like...

skirt in Marvelous Designer 3
*click to make big*

Got the pattern for the bodice from a real clothing pattern, and it turned out really nice. The skirt was just me seeing if I could "thumb suck" some clothing, think I need more practice with real patterns before I can be any good at making my own designs.

Still cant wait to make more clothes !! I feel like a real dress maker *SO MUCH POWER* in this program. I also have to learn me some N-cloth and Houdini, so super exciting times ahead for me. 

Here is my just importing the model into Softimage and applying Syflex.


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