Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to install and use Symmetrice hair by booyabase...

So here is a video showing how to use a .py file off the net in XSI

*Note that every .py file is hand made and the maker can place his user menu where ever he wants*

Anyway... hope this video helps you out Mario :D

P.S this .py said it was made for 32 bit but it worked perfectly well on my 64 bit xsi... Win.

*By the way, this is a great little tool Booyabase*

Monday, June 23, 2014

Some dancing Cloth with marvelous designer 3....

Had a really cool dance sequence to simulate at work last week, here are some captures. Hopefully, I will have some renders to show you guys as well, in the near future. 
*Oh yeah, please ignore their bold alien heads O_O*

And then the end sequence.....

A LOT of touchy feel-ee stuff going on at the end there... Collision heaven!

Tadaaaaaa.... \ :D /

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learning Houdini with help from Softimage ICE

Voronoi Diagram

So seeing as Softimage is going to be "put down" by Autodesk, I have started the processes of going over to Houdini. To make it as easy on myself as possible I'm doing Softimage Tutorials and finding their "equivalent" Houdini tutorial so I can compare and judge(just kidding Houdini I wont judge).

The first of these Tutorials I've found is on the Voronoi Diagram. The Tutorial for Softimage is done by Nika Ragua ---> Voronoi shattering and explains the math behind the effect.

For Houdini I'm using the Digital Tutors - Controlling your fractures in Houdini Tutorial. 
Both these Tutorials deal with Voronoi Diagrams and how the math deals with splitting up volumes in 3d and 2d space. 

Here is what that looks like on my screen O_O

Click to enlarge

Moving over to a new software is never easy, and losing ICE saddens me :C But Houdini seems like it might just be able to distract me from the pain....


Monday, April 14, 2014

Basic block Clothing with Marvelous Designer.

So lately I have been busy building garments and simulating cloth. 
 Using "basic block patterns" form real clothing is key to building a good fitting and realistic looking garment, which then translates into great looking simulated cloth. \:D/

Found a great collection of free sample patterns at ---->

Here are a few of the basic garments I made while rapping my head around cloth.

Click on Images to enlarge...

An example of simulated cloth done for an add...


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To Autodesk

To Autodesk.

What barren ruin you have placed upon my future: Let me explain...
You have taken away my Excalibur,
 broken my elder-wand,
You have stolen the spice from my desert dunes.
The fairy dust once shiny and full of wonder, now falls as dirt...
instead of magic flight, it weighs me down heavily.
You have robed me of my genie lamp
Taken with your greed! The rhyme from my poetry,
Indeed this poem deserves none, for you have removed 

Yours Sincerely,
Softimage user.