Friday, May 11, 2012

How To Link a Texture Map to Strands(XSI Ice)

Alo there Blog,

So I've been asked to explain how to link a Texture Map to an ICE Tree in Softimage\XSI.

This is really easy once you get your head around it, and hopefully this little step by step tutorial will help you guy's to do that. :D

1.  First step is to have an object (Sphere in this tutorial)
On said object create a Texture Map as follows
P.S you can use any Texture Map you like, then link your uv's to it.

*click on image to make it bigger*

2. Now we can go to our ICE Tree, and connect our Texture Map. For this you will need the get closest location node, and a get data(for your Texture Map).

ICE/SoftImage Link Texture Map
*click on image to make it bigger*

3. The last step, connecting the color attribute from the Ice Tree to our render Tree.

ICE/SOFTIMAGE linking render tree to ice tree
*click on image to make it bigger*

And there you have it. One Texture Map connected to one ICE Tree with the Render Tree.

Hope this was helpful
Thanks :D

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