Friday, March 6, 2015

Wave Rig for blocking in hero waves....

Created a little wave rig to help animators block out "hero waves" in their animation shots.

They had too look something like the deep ocean swell waves that you get... but obviously animate able. So easy to change without having to "re-sim" or move a ton of nulls around.

How it looks in scene everything visible:

* A,B,C,D are just for DisplayInfo attributes,
* the top circle is for rotation,
* the square for movement.
The spheres and lower circles are for shaping.
Large pink control is the main SRT or COG.

What the Rig and ICE Trees look like:

Rig as seen by animation.

Here is a demo of how it works:

After you have animated your waves, you can use that mesh to add all the nice detailing(ocean sims and foam) on top. I used the xOcean node for this example.
Something like this:

and then a render for the lolz.

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