Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Learning Houdini with help from Softimage ICE

Voronoi Diagram

So seeing as Softimage is going to be "put down" by Autodesk, I have started the processes of going over to Houdini. To make it as easy on myself as possible I'm doing Softimage Tutorials and finding their "equivalent" Houdini tutorial so I can compare and judge(just kidding Houdini I wont judge).

The first of these Tutorials I've found is on the Voronoi Diagram. The Tutorial for Softimage is done by Nika Ragua ---> Voronoi shattering and explains the math behind the effect.

For Houdini I'm using the Digital Tutors - Controlling your fractures in Houdini Tutorial. 
Both these Tutorials deal with Voronoi Diagrams and how the math deals with splitting up volumes in 3d and 2d space. 

Here is what that looks like on my screen O_O

Click to enlarge

Moving over to a new software is never easy, and losing ICE saddens me :C But Houdini seems like it might just be able to distract me from the pain....


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