Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making a turbulence fall off along a strand

Got a Comment from Chris on fall offs for turbulence, Sorry for the late replay been hectic at work(and diablo :D)

But anyway, straight to it then.

Bring into your Ice Tree the TF_Frizz_Strands_by_Turbulence node, it looks like this:

Strand Turbulence ICE/SoftIMAGE
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Now to add the fall off you will have to go inside the compound and add the following nodes:

Fall off along Strand
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Basically what you are doing is multiplying the turbulence with the fcurve, where its value is zero there will be no turbulence, where the value is 1(1.5) there will be turbulence.

Rescale with a curve Fall off along a strand ICE/SOFTIMAGE
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So before the fall off it looked like-----

Strands in ice with Turbulence
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And after ------

Ice Strands With Turbulence that Falls off along the strand
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Hope that helps with your project Chris :D

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