Thursday, July 5, 2012


While busy at work, I noticed that my understanding of Velocity when compared to other people, wasn't the same.  So, I'm going to do a little simple tutorial on Velocity soon, just to see how the math/physic's look in ICE.

I will be updating this post over the weekend or so.


SO what is Velocity?

Velocity: the speed and direction of an object, or its rate of change in position. This is a vector.

SO according to ICE, Velocity has to do with . . . "position", "direction" , and "change in position which = speed/rate"

And the formula for Velocity looks like this :


which basically means Velocity = Displacement( "position", "direction") divided by change in time("change in position which = speed/rate")

a.k.a change in position over a change in time

Finding the rate or speed:

You might be thinking how can I find out what the rate or speed of said strand/particle/point is? Speed is a Scalar value, this means it has direction over time but not a position as with velocity/vectors.

Here is the formula for speed/rate:

Some cool Tutorials on Velocity\speed and acceleration can be found here:

too be continued..... :D

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