Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Boolean is a data type in ICE, having two values(normally being true or false) 0 or 1. They are intended to be used as truth values *hit or miss* and so on.

Here's what they look like in ICE...

ICE Boolean
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The top Boolean is a true, false node. The ports are Orange, I often use this node in connection with a  if  statement. For example, if the Camera sees the fur, it will display, if not it should be deleted.
You also get : Exclusive Or,Or,Not, And nodes, which look like .....  

ICE And Or Not
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To understand the And, Or, Not nodes is easy enough...

Boolean Operators
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But when you working in ICE with a million strands, it is easy to forget even how Boolean works. >_<

Randomness for the day ^-^

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